Study shows that the Panaji is a historic city still holding on to its charm in different ways of its existence. Though the city is undergoing rapid changes in usage pattern due to Patto developing as commercial hub the city still shows resistance to development. Tourism being the commercially viable business, transformations within the fabric was inevitable to fit in the new needs. This led to the out flux of residents from the city. Lack of local people within the city, will lead to a complete isolation around the church square area.

Serious infrastructural deficiencies from the management part to maintain the image of a heritage city. This has led to deterioration of quality urban spaces and their transformations. Decrease in the demand of the space, except for the vibrant June 18th road. Lack of proper urban design guidelines and stipulations has led to unplanned development further adding to the loss of character in the area.

Underused municipal garden and church square area on a daily basis due to the lack of anchor elements within the area. Lack of public transport within the city also causes lesser city population coming to the place.

The square as an urban public space is not helping the local public in its usage. Since it is under the church, it gets underused as a public place.

There is a need to conserve the dying architectural landmarks of the Portuguese period since they belong to our proud history.



Possibility of church square area loosing completely its relevance in the coming age due to greater out flux of people from the area is unavoidable. The focus of the city can get shifted to Patto and the river edge. Patto will turn into the new age CBD meeting all the present day demands of the city and the city extends beyond the river.

Or as an opposite of this projection the church precinct may completely get converted to tourist hub. This will eventually lead to conversion of this area into a tourist city.



Inducing more mix of functions within the church square area will bring back life into the region by more people flocking in. Promoting tourism while shifting office spaces to Patto will give a boost to the place as a tourist hub. Organize open spaces by reviving the idea of connecting internal courtyards and increase the accessibility by new modes of transportation can rejuvenate the area to a great extent. Pedestrianizing the whole area to bring back the charm of old days is also a possibility which we can look into once the whole area becomes free of offices. Controlled construction with definite urban guidelines to secure the architectural character and better urban quality to the place is necessary.


Thus we can envisage a church square which boasts of its past and render quality spaces to the present for the coming generations.